Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unky the Bellhop

So, it looks like the Poop Monster just made a friend... UNKY THE BELLHOP!

Unky the Bellhop is just like your normal bellhop, large and green. Wait, what? Yes, that is what I meant. Large and green, and grape-ly. You see, Unky happens to be every green grape, while also balancing the task of hopping bells. Bellhopping.

So, you might ask, "Is this what Unky looks like?"

And I would say, "Heck, no!" 

Then you would be all, "Then is this what Unky looks like?" 

And I would be like, "NO! For the sake of The Poop Monster, get your Unky imaging right! This is what Unky looks like..."


Unky The Bellhop Green Grape. Watch out, he might whisk your luggage away.


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