Monday, March 07, 2011

Say "Hello" Like You Mean It

Hello again.

Somebody needs to come up with some new ways to greet people these days. It's all, "Hey!" "How are you?" "What's up?" "Greetings!" "Hello again." 

Maybe the people who name Crayola crayons can help with that. They are good at coming up with names, right?  No, because then we would walk around, and whenever we had to say hey to somebody we know, we would say, "Wild Watermelon!" or, "Burnt Sienna!"  

So I think I will take the liberty to make up some new greetings on my own.  

Ahem. Here we go. 

1. "I saw you yesterday and now I saw you again right here."

2. "Frame store entrance!"  

3. "I would buy you something but I have no money so 'hello' will do." 

4. "I would buy you something but you just aren't worth it!" 

5. (this one works well) Just say "good-bye" ahead of time.

6. (say this one quietly to people you don't like) "Watch out, a car is coming..."  

Good-bye, and... watch out, a car is coming.

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