Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dissapointment...d-i-s...uhhh, another s...

That is the word of the day. Really, people. Come on. NO ONE could figure out where that poopluvin' pufferfish puh-foto was from? OBX. AQUARIUM. JEEZ LOUISE...or shall we say, JEAN Louise!

Anyway, a whole flock of little birdies have hinted that someone let the Secret Santa out of his cage again, and he is running wild... as he does every December...
What's in store for us this year? Surely, the Monster himself will make appearances in innocently wrapped candies and presents. Perhaps he will disguise himself as a singing donkey again, very clever... (Remember to not use your own handwriting om the gifts, folks. It ruins the mystery.)

I suppose I should post another quiz photo and make it a habit. Let me browse my options here... Ahh, yes. An organization-group favorite. A 2-in-1 special, too. But it's the captions that count the most. Take a look:

"Anybody seen Jake?"

"How about Mrs. King?"

Sigh, the good ol' days...I despise that saying.

Yours truly,
harry pooter, and all that jazz...

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