Wednesday, December 08, 2010

And the Winner is...

The winner of the "Who Can Be Awesome and Post the Most Posts On Here Besides Me", secret, never-mentioned contest is... H Pooter! Thanks, H Pooter! You are the poop! And nice TKAM reference, there. And just a reminder, for those who celebrate it... CHRISTMAS. IS COMING. AND SO. YOU. BETTER GET. IN THE SPIRIT.      Yeah, I didn't know the computer could do that, either. But now I can't get rid of it, so bear with us. OH! Maybe I could make this even bigger and sell it to and elderly person. They like large-print books, right? But I bet your Secret Santa doesn't... Speaking of Secret Santa, I better see some Poop Monster-theme gifts in there, buddy. So, happy holidays and, also, watch out, because He can tell when you are naughty and nice... 


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