Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Promised Post

And, finally the Burke Educational Tour group arrives at our final destination, The Promised Land Post.

 lets see i believe the poop monster graced the (southern accent) christian tours Ve-hickle . ( more commonly known as the coach) anyway i think the poop monster definitely made his presence known in the "emergency bathroom" at the back of the bus. how do we know this? well a certain someone had to use this bathroom NUMEROUS times and could not find the little button that said flush... well i ran out of steam there so um yeah i did my best. I guess i should add something about the god awful stink that practically killed the people in the back of the "coach". but i really have to do homework now.  - COOKIE MONSTER 

zack jake and alan were all rooming together and one of them plugged the toilet and another went on top of that so they called for the maintenance dude who well unplugged it....then later the same thing happened and they left it for the nxt pple to come lucky whoev they r :)  -AMELIA MANGAN 

who are you, cookie monster? we'll never know..... harharhar. Here is my contribution, and i have to say it was one of my favorite "On the Coach" moments. Here goes.....

A man walked onto a "bus" one rainy day, and was immediately confronted by a winged, fanged, and fairly frightening-looking creature. The creature snarled, "Mith Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuthy hath fouuuuuuuuuuund you!" And yes, she snarled with a lithp. She then followed that declaration with a variety of colorful words. The man, who was actually a lowly student but could be portrayed as Captain Jack Sparrow if you need more excitement in this anecdote, was unfazed and simply replied: "Did you just BS my biracial number seven?"

hardy har. back to mithith king'th mathththththth.........   -

Thanks to all those who have participated so far. If any more miraculous comments arise, they will surely get a place here. 


  1. Wow..Seeing a lot of photos recently from the Holly Land, and I can't wait to go back again..Its been 3 years since I was in Israel, can't wait to upload some of mine :)

  2. Dear Immanuel-Tours,

    I am glad that an outsider has infiltrated my "Holly Land" of inside jokes and pointy-leaved plants bearing miniature, spherical, crimson fruits. You, however, are just that: an outsider. I hereby declare that you are forbidden to upload your pictures here. Also, you are forbidden to do pretty much anything.

    Bless you,