Sunday, November 14, 2010

Merry Flying Spaghetti Monster Day... Looks like the P. Monster's cousin has his own holiday!

"Dear Santa Claus,

Howdy! You look mighty fine today. That beard really suits you. I know I am probably on your naughty list, but I might as well try. Have you lost weight lately? You know, you are my biggest hero. Ever. Even "bigger" than Paula Dean. Here are some of the things I want for Christmas, because coal didn't get me very far last year...

  1. My very own Snuggie
  2. Post-It notes
  3. Some laxatives (to distribute Joy to the World)
  4. A new fountain pen with diamonds encrusted in the handle (to spread the love of the P. Monster)
  5. NOT a toilet brush
  6. A ticket to My Little Ponies on Ice
  7. 1 (0ne) Make Your Own Tattoos set
  8. Two front teeth and last but not least...
Your dearest, most bestest, most poopiest, most bestest, most dearest, number one fan,

the poop monster"

I discovered this note lying on my kitchen counter a few days back... It is probably the most intricate spreading of the virus I have ever encountered... and It. Was no. Joke.


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