Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Winter Break

...from the blog. Sorry. It was all just so exciting, I mean, why blog when you could be lunching with the CEOs of Crest™ Toothpaste, Campbell's Soup, and Gas Stoves Inc? I know. Excitement overkill, right? I almost had a heart attack of excitement. Wow. Like, I was really excited. It was like I was in the mall, and I walked by my ex, whose name is cited. That's how TOTALLY EXCITED I WAS!!! But then I got attacked by the Poop Monster, and it wasn't so exciting anymore. Durn. Anyways, someone I know got this thing for Christmas. It's called a Morphsuit, and I am totally jealous; I have been wanting one for ages!!!! I just used a semi-colon! I hope in the right way!!! Whoo! So now, I officially change the name of this blog to: Phenomena 13... the Poop Monster (and Morphsuits).

I am excited about it.



  1. Larkin, don't be a towel.
    -an awesome kid

  2. TEERIT! Everyone, ALERT! TJ has infiltrated our blog!! Hurry, invite him to be an author with us!