Thursday, December 02, 2010

Life of a Backstage "Hero"

They all say that those who allow the performance to function properly are the people who work backstage or run the lights and sound. Eh-hem. That is maybe possibly in-a-realm-other-than-our-own correct. But I think that without His help from above, the show would never function properly. Thank you, and that is the end of today's sermon. Here is the coupon to Biscuitville I promised you, so be on your way.

No, really. It really is He who runs the show. The Poop Monster, that is. And us, the tech crew. And then the actors make it interesting. And the NutKraken- no, sorry, the Nutcracker- will turn out good in the end! Because of the !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. HURRAH FOR THE SNOW VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!

PSS  That is my tin foil spotlight stencil. I hope it works on Friday!

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