Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's Time to Come Out

Come on, citizens of the current world... We all know what has been happening around this neck of the woods, but none of us, none of us, have had the courage to come out and discuss it. Now is the time. For change.

It's brown.

It's mysterious.

It's terrifying.

It's... The Poop Monster. There. Now, we can all fell comfortable discussing this topic here, because, well, the place is named after Him. For those of you who have no idea what we are talking about, the Poop Monster is an infection sourced in the bowels of the victim that causes possession of the conscious mind, then allowing for the possessee to scrawl "Poop Monster" on every surrounding surface. The only cure is... never mind, don't get your hopes up.

The method of circulation of the Poop Monster is when an innocent bystander accidentally glances at the written note (Dig. 1, 2, 3):

Dig. 1

Dig. 2

Dig. 3

As one can see, any surface will do for a victim of the Poop Monster, may it be Pixi Stix, Orabase containers, or innocent agendas. If one begins to look for the Poop Monster, you may find in in odder and odder places: spray-painted onto the side of a bench, scrawled on the inside of your backpack pocket, or mysteriously written across your classmate's face. Also, His messages may be abbreviated or elongated, for example, "Poop", "Monster", or "The P. Monster Was Here and His Wrath Shall Be Upon Thee Forever".

And that concludes this informative session. Remember to always be aware of His presence in your life, and be terrified, because this. Is no. Joke.



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